My name is Vince Horiuchi, I was born in 1987 in San Francisco, CA. I have been doing Martial Arts since I was about 6, and have been dancing since I was about 14. My 1st taste of the hip hop culture was experienced at the Washington Neighborhood Center when I attended an “All Elements Battle” in 2002. I was instantly hooked and was often found practicing in the cement hall ways of El Camino High School. I graduated from High School in 2005 & later graduated from Sacramento State University in spring of 2010. Currently I teach dance classes all around Sacramento to regular & special education. In addition, I dance for the Sacramento Kings Basketball Team performing at their home games and at all their community events. In Sacramento I also hold a number of dance and Hip Hop events to help elevate the culture in the city. It seems the youth is being over looked more and more as the current economic situation hits us harder each day. Kids soon have no reason and no motivation to succeed and our future is slowly weakening. Through the arts I hope to one day create change.